Aviva Alter

Making art is essential to me. My artwork takes an improvisational approach to the “fabric” of all life forms. I am very influenced by science and medicine, affecting how we live our lives. Much of the time I struggle to find a place that I can function and make some sense of this world. Making these pieces helps me feel that I am able to leave a footprint. My work serves as a kind of bond signifying a confluence of my experiences that I can use to be present as I pass through life.

My current work began with my obsession for gathering discarded bits of information, assembling and reassembling them to create an order of my own invention. I construct my work by combining found and repurposed items using glue, cloth and thread as a binder for these materials. I then piece these objects together in an organic fashion, using processes that mark time by wrapping and stitching them in a repetitive manner. Each found object has a specific appearance or emotional connection that influences my decision making process in the formation of my art. While focusing on processes that disguise the original function of the found objects, these forms become amalgamations of broken bits and pieces of my world.